Our tickets

Tickets can be ordered by email and will be sent to you by post. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased directly in the ring room under the grandstand directly in Humlehøj Hallen:

Sønderborg MMA Humlehøj Hall Stråbjergvej 1 6400 Sønderborg in the ring room in the basement of Humlehøj Halls.

Online tickets

You can now order the tickets online if you want. All you have to do is press the button below and you’ll be taken to the ticket shop.

Offices for advance booking

Tickets can also be purchased directly from the following ticket offices

  • Tattoo Fashion Sønderborg – Perlegade 58 – 6400 Sønderborg
  • Tattoo Fashion Flensborg – Große Straße 85 – 24937 Flensburg
  • Greys Bar – Angelburger Str. 71 – 24937 Flensburg
  • Benny`s Bar – Schiffbrückstraße 1 – 24937 Flensburg
Ticket prices

There are tickets in two categories. The standard ticket or the ticket directly on the Ring

  • Standard ticket (advance booking) – 250,- DKK / 35,- Euro
  • Standard ticket (box) – 300,- DKK / 50,- Euro
  • Call ticket (advance booking) – 400,- DKK / 60,- Euro
  • Ring ticket (box) – 450,- DKK / 70,- Euro
Exclusive VIP tables

There will also be VIP tables for 8 people, which include 2 bottles of vodka with 10 Redbulls and 10 soft drinks. There will also be a small buffet if you have an appetite in the evening.

Table reservations are made via John & Mads by e-mail